Apple AirPods 2 release date, news, and features

Apple is known for its innovative products in the market. In fact, innovation has been the tag line for apple, and that is something which keeps Apple in business. The innovation of Apple is not limited to its phones, Tab or Macbook, but could be also seen in the Apple accessories. Which some of the smart accessories like Apple Pencil and Apple Airpods, and even Apple smart keyboard. These products have been quite popular in the market, especially Apple Airpods. Listening music in wireless mode has been quite an experience, with Apple Airports. That is why Airports have been quite a hit when they were launched in the market.

The good news is Apple has revamped its Airpods, and has launched the newer version of Airpods. Already, these Airpods have been referred to as Airpods 2. It has been nearly two years, since the time Airpods was initially introduced to the market. And, it was expected that Apple will revamp Airpods. This is the beauty of Apple, they just keep on upgrading their accessories by adding some excited features. To start with the initial impression, these Airpods look exactly the same as the previous. But, we know looks can be deceiving, and this is applicable for new Airpods. The connectivity of the Airpods remain the same. That is, it will get connected in the Bluetooth mode. However, there are some changes in the specifications. These are the specifications which make the Airpods 2 special as well as different from the previous one.

Apple Airpod 2

The new Airpods have wireless charging. The wireless charging is there in 1st generation Airpods, but it doesn’t have the new wireless case which comes with the new Airpods. However, the 1st generation Airpods are backward compatible with the new wireless case. This means that you can charge your old Airpods with the new wireless case. You can buy the new charging case for around Rs.7000, for your old Airpods. Of course, this still not available in India, but we do expect the new Airpods in India in the next few weeks. You can keep the Airpods inside the charging case, and pull them out of the case whenever you want to use the Airpods. The charging is done still done via “Lightning”, which is a trademark technology of Apple for charging.

Apple Airpod 2

Apple never fails to surprise us, and this is just another one. Apart from the new wireless charging case, there is a change in the chip. Instead of W1, the new Airpods will have H1 chips. So, what we can expect from the upgraded H1 chips:

  • It will allow faster switching between the devices, such as iPad and iPhone. Apple claims that switching is going to be 1.5 times faster than the older one.
  • With the upgraded chip, Siri can be summoned with a voice command. So, no need to tap the phone, and get assistance from Siri. You can even make a call, by calling Siri or even control the volume while you are listening to the music.
  • The new H1 chip guarantees lower latency.
  • Apple has confirmed that the new chip in Airpods 2 is going to provide more stable wireless connections. It must be noted that 1st generation Airpods did have issues with the stability of the connection. Moreover, it will be out of sync with the device, while a call or music is in progress.
  • H1 chip is poised to enhance the sound quality, and Apple claims that it is going to be much better than the previous version of Airpods. Obviously, at this point, we have not got a chance to check the sound quality, and it can be confirmed once the product has been launched in India.

However, the battery life during the music playback remains the same. That is five hours. Battery life for the talk time is better in the newer one. In the older one, it was for two hours, while in the new one it is for three hours. The battery life of the charging case remains the same, that is 24 hours. The 1st generation Airpods were touch activated. The good thing is, Airpods 2 is voice activated. So, you just need to tell “Hey Siri, and then leave everything on Siri.

The overall design remains the same, and there are no changes. This is a bit disappointing. The design changes are there only for the wireless charging case. We can find the charging light, located on the front of the charging case. Previously, this was located inside the case. Another thing which really disappointed us is the fact that new Airpods are still available in only white color, and Apple has not made an effort to release it in a different color. The touch controls and sensors remain the same, and there are no changes at all.

Apple Airpod 2

From the review, we can clearly observe, that the updated are not massive or huge for Apple Airpods. We can say that Airpods have marginal or incremental updates. Now, this is something which might not attract Apple users. An honest verdict will be, one will be paying 30 percent more for a device which has got only 10 percent upgrade. Now, this is something which has affected Apple lately. Even in subsequent releases of iPhone and iPad, we have seen that updates are only marginal, but Apple does increase the cost by a healthy margin for the updated version. Hence, the verdict is quite clear for the Airpods 2. If you are a hardcore Apple fan and keep shuffling your devices with the newer one, you might still go for it. But, if you are a user who is looking for value addition, then Airpods 2 is not for you.

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