Apple Launches its iPad Air and iPad Mini (2019): Full specifications, Features, Prices and Release date

Apple’s first surprise of 2019 for Indian customer is out now. And, this is a very good surprise to have. New Apple models with a new set of features. That is what Apple is known for in the market. For quite some time Apple was pushing for these launches, and initially, it was heard that launch will take place in the month of May. But, as we know Apple never fails to pull off surprises at the last moment, they did the same, this time again.

On the 18th of March, Apple launched its 10.5-inch iPad Air, along with the updated version of the iPad mini. It has been also heard that Apple is going to launch its Televisions in India named as Apple TV, along with the video services. These launches were part of Apple’s initiative declared last year in their annual event, where they confirmed that they will upgrade their existing devices. The new iPad mini will have Apple’s iconic A12 Bionic Chip. It has Apple’s Neural engine, which simply boosts up the performance of the device. With A12 Bionic chip, the new iPad is all set to deliver incredible performance. Already, iPhone XS has got the same chip, and it is already known for superb performance. A12 is AI enabled, which means making use of real-time machine learning to create a unique user experience. So, your experience with gaming and augmented reality (AR) is not going to be the same. It is made up to two performance cores, which can handle heavy computations at ease. While there are four efficiency cores which are meant to handle day to day tasks. Apple claims that with two performance cores, the iPad mini is going to be 15 percent faster than the older ones. While the efficiency cores are going to reduce power consumption by 50 percent. So, you get more performance with less power.

Apple iPad Air (2019)

The newly launched iPad Mini will also support Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. This was not there previously and was really a downfall for iPad mini. If you are not aware of Apple Pencil, then let us help you to understand it. Apple Pencil is a wireless stylus through which you can draw, take notes and even mark up documents. So, if you are looking for something intuitive and precise, then Apple Pencil is perfectly meant for you. Apple Pencil can be paired with the iPad mini and can be charged wirelessly. The Apple Pencil gets attached to the iPad magnetically, and as soon as it is attached it gets paired and starts charging itself. With a double tap, you can change the Apple Pencil to an eraser. So, you can see this just a technological marble from the stable of Apple. The good thing is that, if you are planning to buy a new iPad mini, then it will have the support for Apple Pencil. Similarly, with the new Smart Keyboard folio, you are never going to miss your traditional keyboard while you work with your iPad mini. These are two key upgrades Apple has got for its revamped iPad Mini. However, you need to order these accessories from

Apple iPad Mini (2019)

As Apple has mentioned on its website, both the iPad mini and the iPad Air will deliver “dramatic power and capability”, with its upgraded version. The 7.9-inch iPad mini is going to have Advanced Retina Display. The Advanced Retina Display is equipped with the True Tone Technology and wide color support, which ensures the 25 percent higher brighter screen. Advanced Retina display ensures a high pixel density that is available for any iPad. As a result, the visual experience which it creates is absolutely immersive. So, if you are watching an HD movie on your mobile or you are playing some high-end graphics-oriented games, then you can expect some breath-taking experience. This is a major upgrade for those iPad users, who were thinking to buy this device specifically for gaming.

Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini (2019)

Apart from this iPad Mini and iPad Air is going to have Wi-Fi and Gigabit-class LTE for connectivity. These features were there in the older versions as well. It is also going to have the eSim technology. Now with the eSim Technology, you can move around the world carefree, without thinking about the data connectivity. The eSim technology allows the users to connect to different data plans in wireless mode, in more than 150 countries across the world. With the upgraded cameras, now take exceptional pictures as well as videos, even in low light.

This is going to be Apple’s strategy in 2019, refresh as well as revamp the lower line-up of Apple. The new version of the iPad will be available on four distinct screen sizes. These screen sizes will range start from 7.9 inches and will go up to 12.9 inches. With slumping sales, Apple is more eager to show that it is still the same innovative company which is capable of producing some of the innovative products. Both the iPad mini as well as the iPad Air will available in three different colors. These colors are silver, space grey, and gold. It will be available in 64 GB and 256 GB configurations. The starting price of the iPad mini will be Rs. 34,900, and this model will work only through Wi-Fi connectivity. There won’t be any cellular connectivity. However, there is another model which will cost Rs. 45,900, and will have both Wi-Fi as well as Cellular connectivity. On the other hand, the 10.5-inch iPad Air Wi-Fi will cost Rs. 44, 900, while the Cellular + Wi-Fi model will cost Rs. 55,900. Even though these devices have been launched, they are still not available in India. They will be available in Indian, through Apple Authorised Resellers.

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