Apple’s latest iOS: iOS 13 features and updates

Apple has announced that a new version of iOS will be released as iOS 13. Already this has created a lot of buzz amongst the users, and Apple users are waiting for it eagerly. In fact, iOS 13 could be the reason for buying an Apple phone, for a non-Apple user. From the initial review, we find it completely feature rich, with lots of hidden options and features. The update is yet to be rolled out to the iOS devices, hence it is a good time to know more about this update. Especially, if you are an Apple user, you should know what are the improvements you are going to get with this new update. However, you need to check whether your device is eligible for the update or not. You don’t look for this information anywhere else, as we publish the list for you, right here. The eligible models are:

  • iPhone 6S or later
  • iPad Air 2 or later
  • New iPad Mini 4
  • iPhone SE

The models which are not part of this update or will not receive this update are the one which is mentioned below:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2
  • Mini 3

If you have checked the eligibility and found that your device is eligible, then proceed with the rest of the article. iOS 13 will have special as well as hidden features, and in this article, we keep it all in front of you.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access in control center

Now if you want to turn on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then you have to do it through settings. But, in iOS 13 you can enable it directly from the control center. So, no need to go all the way to the settings option, and enable the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can just toggle the data connectivity on the go.

Silence the Unknown Callers

Sometimes the unknown callers can be extremely annoying. They will call at any point in time, and disturb you. Some of these calls will be marketing calls, soliciting for a loan, credit card or even holiday package. Now with the option, “Silence the Unknown Callers”, iPhone will automatically silence the unknown caller, and the calls will go to voicemail. So, no more wasting time with the annoying unknown callers. In case you suspect, that one of those callers might be genuine, then you can simply call them back at your convenience. Remember, you need to enable the option “Silence the Unknown Callers”, in order to make this functionality work.

Apple iOS 13

Zip and Unzip the files within the app

Now compress and decompress the files from your Apple device directly, with the help of the new File app. So, you don’t need to transfer the files to your MacBook, zip it, and then transfer it your Apple phone. What cumbersome process it was. Especially in those situations, when you have to send the large files over email, and your email client won’t support. So, the only solution will be to zip it or compress it. Now, this whole painstaking process is gone in iOS 13, zip your files on your mobile and send it over the email. It is so simple.

Apple iOS 13

Now a new type of search option is added in the messaging app. With this new option, you can search with the contact suggestion or even links, which other people might have shared with you or sent to you. You can even execute a search with photos. The search within the messaging app has got really advanced with this new update.

New Search option in the messaging app

Zoom in the voice memos

Do you know that now you can zoom in the voice memos just with a single pinch?  This could be a real boon for you if you use Voice memos quite frequently. You can even edit the recordings on the go.

New Download Manager for Safari

Now, this is something which was lacking in Safari browser for a long time. There is no way to track or manage the downloads, as you can do in Chrome. In chrome, you can simply track your existing downloads, as well as the previous ones, simply by going to the downloads option. Now you get a similar kind of feature on Safari as well, with iOS 13. The best part is the download manager directly syncs with the File App. What that means is, your downloaded files will automatically appear in the Files app.

Apple iOS 13

Optimized battery charging

This is a really cool feature in iOS 13, where machine learning algorithms are used to charge the phone as per the usage pattern of the user. This means suppose you go to the office at 9 AM, iPhone will charge about 80 percent of the battery by 8:30 AM, and charge the remaining before 9 AM. This means optimized usage of battery, optimized usage of power and long life of the battery. It can also be referred as intelligent charging.

Apple iOS 13

Low Data Mode

If you want your apps to use less data, then you can simply turn on Low Data Mode. This could be extremely beneficial in international roaming, where the data charges might be extremely costly. The background algorithm optimizes the app’s data usage, and the data usage is permitted as per requirement. Also, the background activities are suspended, when the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi.

Apple iOS 13

Dark Mode

Probably this is the most awaited feature on the iPhone. The dark mode tweaks the bright backgrounds to give a unique feel to the users.

Apple iOS 13

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