CANON EOS 250 D: World’s lightest and smallest DSLR Camera

Canon is always known for its innovative imaging products, and its products never fail to impress. Now it has come up with a product, which has titled as world’s lightest DSLR camera. Often, when we think of a DSLR camera, it comes to our mind that it’s a heavy product with bulky size. But these assumptions are the myth of the older days, which doesn’t hold any truth in the modern era. In fact, Canon has broken this myth with CANON EOS 250 D, which is also known as Rebel SL3. This is the lightest DSLR camera till date,that has got a movable screen as well. Although, Canon has not launched this variant in India, in Europe this model has been launched in the name of Canon EOS 250D, while in the US the same model has been launched with the name of Rebel SL3. It has got a guide user interface, which definitely eases the operation of the device. It has got a 24.1 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS APS-C sensor, with the trademark DIGIC 8 processor. Moreover, this camera is capable of 4K videography. As per the reviews, the camera is super-fast during its operation, and the autofocus is responsive. It has got extremely good connectivity to the smart devices. So, click a picture, and upload it on the go to your Instagram.

Canon EOS 250 D

It is expected that this camera will be launched at a bit over Rs.80,000, in India. It will be moderately priced, and it is expected that this camera will be a top draw amongst the amateur photographers in India. However, the India launch can take some time, and we can only expect it here in the next quarter. The camera will come in two different variants, that is body only and body with lens. If you are purchasing body only, then obviously you have to pay less, but if you are taking it with the lens, that is EF-S 18-55 f/4-5.6 IS STM lens, then definitely you have to shell out more. Well, this is not something unique to this camera but is true for any of the DSLR cameras. There are two color options for this camera, that is black and white. However, the price remains the same for both of them.

Canon EOS 250 D Lens

As per Canon, it is those families who are looking to upgrade from niche smartphone photography to DSLR level photography, they could be the perfect users of this device. Even it will be a good option for, those users who want to migrate from “point and shoot” cameras to professional DSLR cameras. Using this camera could be full of fun, and at the same time, it is extremely easy to use. The camera is power packed with some of the latest technologies. One good thing is it introduces, formidable interchangeable lens photography. The body of the device is small, and as well have mentioned it is lightweight as well. So, we can say that for first time DSLR users, this camera is perfect. They can’t ask for more.

Who should buy this camera?

This camera succeeds Canon’s EOS 200D, which is a flagship product from Canon and has won multiple awards for its excellence and innovation. EOS 200D has been extremely popular amongst first-time users as well as the extremely professional photographers. Although we discussed some of its premium features, we didn’t tell you about its special 4K features. It is going to have 4K time-lapse and 4K time grabs. These are some of the essential features, which can be used for making a professional 4K movie. Thus, this DSLR camera not only concentrates on the still pictures but is also capable of professional videography. The camera is so light and manageable, that even a kid can try his hands to click a picture. It has got a guided user interface, which makes handling extremely easy. Once you turn on the camera, there will be on screen hints as well as tips, that will guide you constantly, and will make you comfortable in order to operate this device. So, even if you are a novice user, and just trying your hands on this DSLR, you can definitely click some professional pictures. So, no need to check for a tutorial or blog, once you own this camera, you are on your own. Bring out your imagination, and let EOS 250 do the best for you. Moreover, you have Canon’s Creative Assist feature, which provide you different filters and effects to make the picture imaginative.

Canon EOS 250 D

With CANON DIGIC 8 image processor, there will be multiple improvements on EOS 250. This includes improvement in Live View autofocus precision and Eye AF. Also, there will be notable improvements in Auto Lighting Optimizer, Digital Lens Optimizer, and Highlight Tone Priority. The images will be crisp and sharp. DIGIC 8 image processor is also known of superb low light photography. It also ensures a shallow depth of field, with crisp bokeh mode for some of the most beautiful family portraits. So, if you are looking to capture some perfect family pictures, and leave a treasure for the next generations, then this camera is definitely for you. Never lose any moments, and always make a moment special with EOS 250. It’s a every occasion camera. It has got a Vari-Angle touchscreen, which is intuitive, and allows shooting some classic pictures from different angles. So, if you are a blogger or looking for family selfie, you can shoot in different angles. The pictures are going to look more realistic, just like you look with the naked eye. This is possible with the optical viewfinder with a responsive 9-point AF. Once you have clicked the pictures, share them with the help of Bluetooth®3 & Wi-Fi, using the free Canon Camera Connect app for iOS and Android platforms.

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