Canon launches its lightest and smallest full-frame mirrorless camera EOS RP in India

Amidst much fanfare, CANON EOS RP has been launched. The precedes the previous one, that is CANON EOS R. CANON EOS R is really good, and still remains as one of the best-selling products of Canon. However, CANON has proceeded with CANON EOS RP, to beat the competition in the market. Today’s tech-oriented market has become highly competitive. A product without innovation cannot last long in the market. Even an innovative product will be in demand until a certain time, and it will go out of the market if the features are not improved. This is exactly CANON has done. It has improved the features of CANON EOD R and releases the improved version as CANON EOS RP. Now, this camera automatically goes with the current trend. The current trend belongs to mirrorless cameras. CANON EOS DR is a full-frame mirrorless camera. From the reviews, we can say that CANON has managed to hit the sweet spot amongst its customers, and customers are posting some of the rave reviews about this camera.

Canon EOS RP Camera

The big thing which CANON claims is, this new CANON camera is at par with the legendary EOS 6D Mark II. Those who have used it might know that EOS 6D is not for everyone, it is only for the ones who excel in the field of digital photography. So, we need to wait for some user feedback before we are drawn any constructive conclusion on this. CANON ES RP is structurally smaller than its predecessor, and it looks compact. With the introduction of this model, CANON actually has developed a more traditional DSLR, with a conventional DSLR layout. Canon EOS RP has a 26.2 MP sensor instead of 30.1 MP, which was there in CANON EOS R. This looks not only smaller than EOS R, but it is slimmer as well. It has got a smaller battery, and it is definitely lighter than EOS R. The best part is, it is going to be cheaper than the EOS R. What we hear is, it is going to be at least 1.5 lakhs cheaper than EOS R.

When we talk about CANON or opt for a CANON DSLR, we actually trust CANON’s build quality and its design. Even though EOS RP is lightweight and slimmer, we can tell it has got one of the sturdy build quality. In fact, it weighs only 485g. However, the slim and lightweight properties of EOS RP definitely come for some compromise. With the smaller size, you might not get a good grip on the camera. Canon fears that this can deter professional photographers from using this camera. The image below clearly shows the structural difference between EOS R and EOS RP.

Canon EOS RP Camera

It has definitely got the typical CANON Style design, which has been the benchmark of the CANON cameras. In this new release, you don’t find the M-Fn Touch Bar slider which was there in EOS R. Similarly, we don’t find the dial that was located on the top plate. The dial used to work with the mini LCD screen located on the top. The top LCD display is now replaced completely by a handier dial, with clearly marked exposure modes. CANON EOS RP has 2.36 million-dot EVF which definitely guarantees a professional level of photography. But it is smaller than EOS-R which has 3.69 million-dot EVF. In CANON EOS RP, the slot of for the SD card is located right beneath the battery.

The LCD screen of CANON EOS RP is made up of 3in 1.04 million dots and found that the response to the touch is extremely good. You can access the menu settings at the breeze, without any holdups or lags. Undoubtedly, we can tell this camera has one of the best touchscreens in this category. The screen quality is good and we felt that build quality is rust. Well, that is definitely expected from someone like CANON. This camera is weatherproof and looks impressively good. The camera is going to have DIGIC 8 processor.  DIGIC 8 processor has been known for its enhanced shooting performance and has been the trademark of CANON for mirrorless cameras. It also contributes to the enhancement of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. The DIGIC 8 processor also allows the adoption of CR3 RAW, which is the newer RAW format.  EOS RP will have the latest software updates for the DIGIC 8 processor. As a result, you get enhanced face tracking with Eye AF locking.

CANON EOS RP also introduces a cool new feature called “Focus Stacking”. This is a software-based feature, and with the help of the feature the camera can take multiple photos on a particular object, by selecting different focal points, and at a later stage combining these photos. This could be a boon for those photographers who are looking for Macro mode photography. As we mentioned previously, EOS RP has Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system on board with 4,779 PDAF points.

It is still not known whether this camera is a hit or a miss in low light photography, and we need to wait for the user reviews. The burst photography speed is of 5ps or 4ps. Hence, we can say that this not a camera for covering a high-speed sporting event. Also, this camera is a bit of let down for those who want to use this camera for videography. Even though it can shoot 4K video, but only at 25 Fps and 1.6x crop. Also, one can use Dual Pixel CMOS AF only while shooting a full HD video. The image quality on this camera is really good, with vibrant color reproduction. The image quality is sharp, but a lot depends on the lens that you are using with this camera.

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