Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL Release date, Specifications, Leaks and News

Google is never short of innovation, no matter it is the mobile platform or mobile hardware. This is the main reason why Pixel has been a top draw amongst the premium smartphone users. The good news is Pixel 4 has been announced, and we expect it to be launched soon. However, we will definitely give some details about the specifications as well as looks at Pixel 4. Pixel is a flagship phone and is the best bet for those people who are looking for Android-based smartphones. We have got the first glimpse of Pixel 4, and we can tell that if you are a Pixel fan, then this phone has got some surprising punch for you. Firstly, the new Pixel phone is going to be Pixel 4XL. To your surprise, the old ugly notch which was there in the old model of Pixel has been removed now. In place of that, there is a dual selfie camera that is placed inside a small hole-punch notch, that is actually located on the right side of the display. So, this is going to the first change in design in the new Pixel. There are some small indents, located on the upper edge as well as the lower edge. Another notable change which we find in the new Pixel is, the rear fingerprint sensor is missing. Hence, in all probability, the fingerprint sensor will be embedded under the screen.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL

When we look at the rear side of the phone, we feel that the phone is going to have a dual camera setup, although we are not sure. But looking at the placement of the camera, we definitely feel that there is going to be two lenses at least. The camera setup almost mimics the rear camera of Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Somewhat we feel that Pixel 4 has been early to be released since it has been only a few days that Pixel 3 has been released. But undoubted Google has definitely made some notable revamp on Pixel 3, and that is why it is eager to launch Pixel 4. It should be noted that Pixel 3 was not that successful in the market, like other models of Pixel. Hence, Google simply doesn’t want to lose out its market share and has come up with Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel XL Leaked Designs

There is no date, which has been announced for the launched of Pixel 4. However, have seen all the launches of Pixel has got a set pattern, and we expect that for Pixel 4, the same pattern will be followed. Considering this, we speculate that Google Pixel 4 will be launched in the month of October, this year. From the sources we hear, that Pixel 4 will be launched at a price tag of Rs. 72,000 in India, for a 64 GB option. We hear that there will be a 32 GB option as well, which will be launched with a price tag of Rs. 55,000. Currently, Pixel 3 model with 64 GB memory costs around Rs. 66,000. From the price point of view, definitely, Pixel is going to be pricey. But, that is not surprising at all, since Pixel phone were always pricey, and neither Google ever projected it as a budget phone. But, one thing is sure, that with this price you get a phone with good build quality.

Google Pixel 4

There are strong rumors that Pixel 4 will be able to accommodate two physical SIMs. If this happens, then this would mean that Google has moved ahead from its one SIM models.  Today, when most of the phones have two SIMs, one SIM models don’t make any impact on the consumers, barring Apple. However, we know that Apple has its own fan, and definitely, they are going to accept one SIM phone models if it is Apple. Till Pixel 3, there was only one SIM slot, and the user has the option to go for an option eSIM if he wants another SIM for his mobile. But, as with the case of eSIM, both the physical SIM as well as the eSIM cannot be used together, and only one can be used at a time.

Google Pixel 4

The battery of Pixel 3 was definitely disappointing. It seems Google has worked on this and has provided a better battery in Pixel 4. Pixel 3 battery simply lacked the power, but it is rumored that Pixel 4 has got a powerful battery, and even with full usage it is going to last for 20 hours. From a source, we learn that the battery power is going to be the same as Samsung Galaxy S9.

Just like Pixel 3 XL, even this mobile will have an edge to edge display. Edge to Edge display has been one of the most notable features of Pixel 3, and we definitely expected Google to retain it in Pixel 4. Pixel 4 is going to be a notch-less as well as bezel-less phones. This is again a one step ahead from Pixel 3. Another hot rumor about Pixel 4 is, it might have a 256 GB memory. This was again much required, in absence of removable storage. In terms of connectivity, Google seems to have decided to introduce 5G with Pixel 4. Most of the premium phones are being launched with the 5G option, and Google has made it clear that it doesn’t want to stay behind in this competition. It is expected that 5G networks will be launched in different countries, later this year. The rest of the specification remains the same for this phone. It could be said that Pixel 4 is an improved version of Pixel 3. Google has carefully worked on the shortcomings of Pixel 3, and removed them in Pixel 4.

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