Huawei P30 Pro: Everything you need to know about this phone

Huawei is known for its value for money phones. Huawei phones are quite innovative and they always have something new to offer. Huawei has launched P30, and we can say that it has already created a buzz in the phone market. From its initial look, we can say that this phone is all about style and design. From the technical specs, it already seems to be one of the best camera phones that will be available in the market. Huawei has announced that P30 is going to be launched in two different versions, that is P30 and P30 Pro. While, P30 Pro is priced higher as it is going to have four cameras, which is also USP of this product.  The best part is, it is going to have Huawei trademarked Periscope cameras, that is capable of 5X optical zoom, with 125 mm lens. This means your image quality remains the same, even while you zoom in and click the picture.

Huawei P30 Pro

P30 is no doubt is going to be a high-end phone, that ultimately succeeds Huawei P20 Pro. P20 Pro was launched last year. P20 was also known for its elegant design, and impressive cameras. Huawei continues this legacy in P30 Pro as well, and this was well expected. Let’s discuss quickly discuss some of the basic specifications of P30, which will help you to create the initial impression of P30 Pro. To start with P30 Pro has got a large display screen of 6.47 inch. It has got an OLED screen with waterdrop notch. The screen also accommodates the 32 MP, selfie camera. Huawei claimed that even though it has got a single selfie camera, but the camera quality has been largely revamped from what we had in P20. Hence, with P30 Pro, we can always expect top quality selfies.

Huawei P30 Pro

P30 will have 8 GB of internal memory. It will have three different storage variants, that includes 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. Both the internal memory and storage options are quite impressive, which makes it one of the high-performance phones in the market. It is going to have a Kirin 980 processor. Kirin 980 is a high-performance mobile chip. It is based on Cortex-A76 architecture chipset. Kirin 980 ensures efficient as well as top performance, and optimization of resources.

Now let’s talk about the casing of P30 Pro. P30 has got a metal and glass design. You can choose the phone from any of the available five colors. However, the most impressive color amongst them is Breathing Crystal, which is an exclusive shade of blue. The interesting fact about the phone it gets different shades with a different hue, depending on the angle of the light that is cast on the phone. A big change which we have in P30 Pro is, it is not going to have any audio port. The phone is going to have an IP68 rating, as it is both dusts as well as water resistant. The phone has got a hefty battery of 4200 mAh, and the best part is the phone could be charged with 40W fast charger, that comes with P30 Pro.

The phone will be shipped with the latest version of Android, that is Android v9.0 or Android Pie. P30 Pro will have a fingerprint sensor, and that has been already confirmed by Huawei in its official specifications. It will be an under-screen fingerprint sensor. Apart from this, the phone is going to have a host of sensors. This includes Compass, Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor. Huawei has mentioned that gaming will be an experience on this phone, as the phone is equipped with G76 M10 GPU. G76 M10 GPU is a high-end mobile chip GPU, that ensures top performance during gaming sessions. The phone weighs only 192 grams, isn’t that amazing? Probably, you even don’t feel it if it is there in your pocket. It is only 8.4 mm slim. Make no mistake, this phone doesn’t have any memory card slot. So, if you are thinking of expanding the memory beyond 512 GB, you simply can’t. However, 512 GB of memory is a lot of memory and is more than sufficient for you, especially you will have cloud storage as well. This is a dual sim phone, where two Nano sims could be accommodated.

Why should you buy this phone?

You should buy for its cameras. The cameras are definitely the biggest attractions of this phone. It has got four cameras. The primary camera of this phone has 40 MP sensor, with F1.6 lens. Next, there is a wide-angle camera which uses 20 MP sensor, with F2.2 lens. There is a periscope camera, that uses 8 MP image sensor, with F3.4 lens. Lastly, there is a time of flight (TOF) camera which is capable of measuring the light and by using this feature, the image quality can be improved drastically. TOF camera is also used for 3D photography. Huawei has mentioned that it has used RRYG array, instead of conventional RGBG pixel grid. As a result, its 40 MP camera can capture images with 40 percent lighter, making the images more vibrant and livelier. This also improves low light photography. This technology is exclusive of Huawei, and Huawei has developed it in collaboration with SONY. So, if you are looking for a phone which is capable of professional photography then Huawei P30 is made for you. With the telephoto zoom, you can zoom it completely, and click a picture without any cracks. Huawei shared some of the sample pictures, and we have exclusively shared for you below. You can just see the number of details each image has got, no matter they are shot in low light or bright light. Even the color on the images is just perfect, unlike some of the phones like Xiaomi where the color looks more artificial. The looks are perfectly natural.

Sample Images from Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro Review

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