Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic: Specifications and Features

The smartphone accessories market has seen a wide range of earphones and headphones available. Today, we get earphones in every budget. It would not be wrong to say the earphone market is bit crowded, with different earphones available from different brands. No matter in this crowded market place there are only a few earphones, which are affordable as well as best in the quality. Most of the budget earphones will not make any impact on your pocket, but at the same time, the quality of music which you hear from them will definitely not meet your expectations. Someone has truly said, that get a premium experience you need to pay a premium price. However, these wordings have become almost a myth, since the Xiaomi has entered the Indian market. First, it launched premium phones at price, then it launched 4K TV at a really affordable price, followed with different accessories. Now Xiaomi has launched their Bluetooth earphones in the Indian market, and the best thing is these Bluetooth earphones are absolutely affordable. Xiaomi goes back to its tagline, that is premium features at an affordable cost. This is the reason, why the Chinese tech giant has been so popular amongst the Indian customers. However, lets quickly check how good these Bluetooth earphones are? We want to make sure that quality is assured even at a budget price.

The new Bluetooth earphones from Xiaomi has been named as Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic. Before we dig further into this, let us first check with whom Xiaomi will be competing in this category. Primarily, we don’t expect the fanboys of BOSE, Pioneer or Sony to suddenly abandon their brands and adopt Xiaomi, no matter how good these Bluetooth earphones are. People who have preferred premium products will continue to do so. However, there are other users who use Bluetooth earphones from brands like Leap & Boat. Even though these two brands are affordable and product quality is good. The sound quality is definitely not up to the mark. This is where Xiaomi can definitely position itself if it provides quality with affordability. Both Leap & Boat have good presence amongst the budget customers, however, when it comes to brand name Xiaomi is definitely a bigger brand than them.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic is loaded with features. This earphone has been already certified as sweat resistant. This is an important feature in a country like Indian, where the climate remains hot and humid in most part of the year. Moreover, most of the time we use the Bluetooth headphones when we are into some form of physical activities, like gym, walking or jogging. So, you can be rest assured that, no matter how much you sweat during these activities, nothing is going to happen it your new Mi earphone. Mi has already mentioned that even splash of water is not going to harm these earphones. The earphone is going to come with dynamic bass. With dynamic bass, you can expect splendid bass quality from your earphone. Moreover, the bass output will be boosted and it will remain the same across multiple audio streams. It also has a secure fit earbud along with Bluetooth 4.1.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic

Now let’s talk about the batters, Mi has mentioned that the battery is going to last for full 9 hours, on a full charge. We can say that the battery backup is quite good, and is definitely one of the best in this segment. You can charge your Bluetooth earphone at the beginning of the day, and enjoy your music throughout the day. For the user convenience, Mi provides an adjustable hook, which user can adjust it as per his convenience to wear it. Moreover, it will prevent the earphone from falling off. Neither, you have to keep on adjusting your earphone every now and then. Now let’s talk about the most important point about Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic. We are going to disclose the launch price and we know you are not going to believe it at the first chance. But this is true that Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic will be available in the market at a price of only Rs. 1499. Yes, you heard it right, you get a power-packed Bluetooth earphone within Rs. 1500. This makes it one of the most affordable earphones in the market. This earphone will be available in two colors: black and white.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphone Basic

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic has scored quite high even for its design. The build quality is quite good. When we checked the earbuds, we found that high-grade plastics have been used, which makes it durable as well as lightweight. The earphone fits in easily, and you can be assured that it is not going to fall off even you are doing some intense activities. With the help of multifunctional buttons, you can control your playlist right from the earphone. There is an inline remote which can switch on as well as switch off the earphones. One can also control the volume with the help of this remote. While you perform a particular function, there is a LED light indicator which keeps on glowing. You can charge Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic, through the micro USB port that is located on the earphone itself. This earphone comes with an inbuilt microphone, which means that you can also do handsfree calling as well. With the earphone, Xiaomi provides 5 pairs of ear tips, of different sizes. These earphones are extremely comfortable and could be carried easily in the pockets. Through Bluetooth, the earphone can be paired with any device in a matter of seconds. Now let’s come to the main part, that is the sound quality. The sound quality is extremely impressive, and even on high volume, the quality remains the same. The sound quality is quite clear as well as vibrant, and the output is well balanced.

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