OnePlus TV launch in India: Key specifications, features, and price

The Chinese mobile phone major Xiaomi has already launched their Mi TV in India, and now OnePlus has announced the launch of their television in India. This seems to be the current trend, where the mobile phone manufacturers are expanding their product portfolio, by launching more products. For example, Mi has already launched its routers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers in India, while television has been their latest offering. OnePlus seems to be closely following Mi, and they have also launched their television in India, without any delay. And why not? Mi TV has been quite successful in India, with high sale volume, and good positive reviews. We guess this is something which might have prompted OnePlus to launch their television in India. Indeed, it’s a good move as with an expanded product portfolio, OnePlus will have an expanded market.

OnePlus Smart TV

As we confirm that OnePlus is bringing their television to India in this article, we will explain why you should buy this product or at least why it should be in your wish list. The big question which lies ahead is, whether OnePlus TV can beat the MI TV in terms of sales? Well, we will come to know only about that in the coming months. However, both Mi and OnePlus have their own fan base, and we expect that OnePlus fans will definitely be eager to try the latest OnePlus product. The first thing which you should know about this television is, it is going to be a smart television. This is not a surprising fact, as Mi TV is also a smart television, and definitely, we expected OnePlus to launch a smart television, rather than a standalone one. However, don’t mistake it as any other smart TV available in the market. In fact, the television market is crowded with smart televisions. You have apps preloaded into the smart televisions, and you can just start watching your favorite web series after connecting the television to your Wi-Fi. This is not all, you can even check your Facebook, or some of them have twitter as well. On the other hand, some of the high-end smart televisions will have voice command enabled, and few of them work with motion sensors as well. Definitely, OnePlus television is going to have most of these features as it gets launched. But, what we hear is, it is not limited to only these features, as it ensures the 360-degree smart experience for its users.

OnePlus Smart TV

No wonder we are going to have elevated entertainment experience with OnePlus smart television. Already, OnePlus has confirmed that they have developed a specific version of Oxygen OS for its television, which will specifically cater to the requirements of the TV users with custom features. Oxygen OS has been the signature of the OnePlus phones from the beginning and has been one of the key reasons behind the popularity of the OnePlus phones. The television will be launched in the high-end segment and will have a starting price tag of Rs. 40,000. The price is not confirmed, but it has been heard that the launch price of the base model will not be less than 38K, at any cost. So, does this means OnePlus loses to Mi on the price front, since the Mi televisions are much cheaper? No not at all, OnePlus offers more features in comparison to the Mi TVs. The best part is, it can be integrated with smart home, just like the Apple TVs. What does this mean? This means that you can control your home appliances, through your TV. Isn’t it cool? You are watching your favorite show on the TV, and suddenly you realize that geyser is still on. So, what you do next is, turn off the geyser from the interface available on the TV without going anywhere. That is the beauty of the smart home. At present, the smart home is integrated with a few of the iPhone models and some distinguished models of Samsung. However, OnePlus television will be the only second television after Apple TV, which will have an integrated smart home. We also hear that Alexa will be integrated with OnePlus televisions. So, basically you just command Alexa what you want to see, and Alexa does the rest for you. Truly, digital assistants have made us dependent on them.

OnePlus Smart TV

OnePlus TV is going to have an OLED display, with 4K capability. It is also going to have an output HDMI output, which means you can drive your output from TV to home theatres or any other sources. Most of the TVs only have input HDMI, which means you cannot use HDMI to send the sound to your home theatre. The basic model will have a standard OLED display, with a 45-inch screen. However, the top end model is going to have a 65-inch screen with a 4K display, this absolutely guarantees cinematic experience. All the models will come with HDR panel, that guarantees crisp picture quality. The television will also have a 15 MP integrated camera, which can be used for seamless video calling. It will be compliant with the following standards:

  • HDR10+
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos

So, as we can see that OnePlus TV will have some of the best as well as innovative features. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a connected experience from your TV, then OnePlus TV is the best one for you. OnePlus TV acts as a smart platform with smarter experience. Still, OnePlus has not confirmed the complete set of features, and we are sure that there are many more.

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