OnePlus7: Full specifications, Features, Price and Release date

The Chinese flagship OnePlus has already proved that it is capable of owning market segments with its premium phones. It’s last three releases have been an instant hit in the market, and always has something unique. It’s 2019, and OnePlus has already announced their biggest launch. OnePlus has already announced that there will be a complete overhaul of the screen and the camera design, which is there in the existing OnePlus phones. It is going to have high-end specifications and is expected to be an absolute killer in the market. You guessed it right, OnePlus 7 has been announced and will be soon launched in the market. However, even though it has not been officially launched, OnePlus has disclosed some of the key features in OnePlus 7. These leaks have helped us to get some details about this phone. At least now we know, what to expect from OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7

So, what is the biggest change in OnePlus 7? If the reports are to be believed, OnePlus 7 is going to have a selfie camera, that will pop-up with the help of an inbuilt motor. Well, this is going to be the biggest change in OnePlus 7. However, we can’t tell that this is an innovation of OnePlus 7 or OnePlus is going to introduce this feature on their new phone. This feature has been already introduced by Oppo, on their latest phone. Some other models are also going to introduce motorized selfie camera, on their latest releases. With this new feature, there won’t be any notch on the phone. This notch is something, which the OnePlus fans have never admired.

OnePlus 7

Although the release date of the OnePlus 7 has not been confirmed, it would not be a difficult task to predict the same. All the previous releases of OnePlus 7 happened in the month of May. Considering this trend, we can say that even OnePlus 7 will be also released in the month of May. It is highly unlikely that the OnePlus is going to deviate from the schedule. Now let’s come to the price of OnePlus7. There is no doubt that OnePlus has increased the prices of its models, with every launch. This is going to continue with OnePlus 7 as well. We never expected to be a budget phone, but we don’t want it to be too much pricey as well, like Samsung Galaxy or iPhone X. The good news is OnePlus 7 will be moderately priced, and which is going to be a good deal as per the specifications of the phone. As per the company sources, the phone is going to have a price tag of Rs. 40,000 in India. However, we might have to wait for the official confirmation. But, even at Rs.40,000, it is going to be a fully loaded phone, which is a good deal anyway.

Now let’s talk about the features. One of the features we have already disclosed, that is the motorized popup selfie camera. We also hear that OnePlus 7 is going to have an on-screen fingerprint sensor. OnePlus is going to bring in some key technological development with OnePlus 7. With technological improvements, OnePlus 7 is going to be more responsive. Another big development that is rumored is the camera of the OnePlus 7. It is going to have 48 Megapixel camera. It is going to use Sony’s IMX586 sensor, for its camera. Sony’s IMX586 sensor has been used by many popular models, and it is known for its immersive picture quality. The colors are more natural. Further, IMX586 delivers excellent picture quality even in the low lights. Low light photography was a concern in the last release of OnePlus 7, and we can say that OnePlus has addressed this concern with the IMX586 sensor. IMX586 is already used in Honor View20 and Redmi Note 7 Pro, and both of them have an impressive camera. The camera of OnePlus 7 is going to have three lenses, that is 48 MP, 20 MP, and 5MP. We still don’t know if anyone of them will be a telescopic lens or not. While the selfie camera will be of 16 MP. OnePlus has confirmed through its sources, that they are still not going to introduce wireless charging in their next release.  Well, this can be considered as good news as well as bad news. Yes, for OnePlus fans it’s bad news, as they were expecting this feature on OnePlus7. However, the absence of wireless charging has helped OnePlus to keep the cost in control, which affordable pricing.

OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 is going to have an AMOLED screen. It is going to be a 6.5-inch screen, and we confirmed that the screen to body ratio is going to be much higher. With Snapdragon 855 processor and 8 GB RAM, this phone is definitely going to be a beast in terms of performance. Complemented with the large screen, we can only say that it’s going to be a phone for high-end gaming. OnePlus7 is also going to have a built-in storage of 256 GB. OnePlus 7 will be shipped with a 4000mAh battery, which is quite good. As we have expected, OnePlus 7 will have 44W fast charger. Moreover, the phone will be shipped with OxygenOS 9.0, which will be based on Android Pie.

With the killer specifications, we can say that OnePlus 7 is definitely going to be an instant hit like its predecessor OnePlus 6T.  However, the absence of wireless charging and wireless earphones might be a bit of let down for the OnePlus fans. However, OnePlus 7 definitely promises performance at an affordable cost. Just like the previous releases, the phone doesn’t have any slot for external memory. It also doesn’t have FM radio. OnePlus 7 is all set to be launched on Amazon. You should always look for new mobile offers online, in order to get the best deals. Then compare mobile deals available, and buy your mobile at the best price. When you are buying from Amazon, do not forget to get some extra discount with the help of mobile discount coupons

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