OPPO K1: The much-awaited smartphone from OPPO launched in India

As we have stepped into 2019, we can already see a spree of the launch of flagship phones. And, considering the future launches, we can only say that 2019 is going to see some of the best as well innovative phones of this decade. Mobile companies know that the mobile phone segment has become equally competitive, with the presence of both, small players like Lava, Oppo, Infocus along with big players like Apple, Samsung, Google. Hence, they have understood one thing very clearly that they can sell their product in the market, only if it has got something new or something different. As a result, we see phones with ultrathin display bezels, with dual or triple or even four cameras, without ports and many more. This is all about the futurist tech, where technology is evolving while keeping the future in mind. Keeping the trend alive, Oppo started their 2019 campaign with the launch of Oppo K1.

Oppo K1 is one of those phones, whose looks are enough to create the first impression. This phone is exclusive, stylish and elegant, yet priced under 17,000. Now, those who are not aware of previous launches of Oppo, we must tell that this is a new series from Oppo. Rather, we can also say that it is not a continuation of any of the previous series of Oppo. It has got some of the niche features such as in-display fingerprint sensor at a moderate price range. We actually did a comparison and found Oppo K1 is the cheapest smartphone in the market that has got an in-display fingerprint sensor. This is what makes Oppo K1 stands out of the competition. You just get a premium smartphone at a cheaper cost. Oppo has definitely considered the price factor, before launching the product.


Design & Build

Oppo K1 is a brand-new smartphone in India, but let us tell you that this phone is already available in China from last October.  If we talk about the design, the design is almost similar to the other Oppo phones. We must say that the Oppo phones have their own distinct design. In fact, we found that Oppo K1 has got a very deep resemblance to Oppo A7, and also Oppo F9 Pro. Just like other Oppo phones, the body of the phone is made up of hard plastic, and we can feel that it is of good quality. While the rear of the phone has got a gradient design. The phone looks extremely appealing, with its rear in Astral Blue color. We have done some research and found that this color is quite uncommon, and catches the attention of the users on the first glance itself. Apart from this, it is also available in “Piano Black Trim” which is equally attractive. The rear or the back of the phone is 3D molded, so if you hold the phone against the light it looks extremely cool. However, from some user reviews, we learned that the fingerprint sensor doesn’t pickups the fingerprints at the first opportunity. Even we also tried and succeeded only on the third attempt.  However, the buttons are completely placed around the body of the phone. Even the build quality is sturdy.


As expected on the left side of the phone, there is a tray which accommodates two Nano Sim cards, along with the memory card. One must note that Oppo K1 supports external memory until the capacity of 256 GB. The speaker is located at the bottom along with the Micro-USB port, and an audio port.



Oppo K1 has got a 6.41-inch screen, which is big enough for watching movies or even playing high-end games. The display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is another notable feature of Oppo K1 in terms of quality. Oppo K1 has an AMOLED panel, and let us remind that there are only a few phones in this segment that has AMOLED panel. The display looks vibrant and lively, but for extended use, this kind of Color setting might not be optimum. However, one can adjust the color temperature to form the settings option. This is not a bezel-less phone, neither we expect the same at this price. However, the bezel is extremely thin making the phone look sleek. There is no notification LED available, which is a drawback as every time you have to check the phone. The display has got a pre-applied screen guard.


Specifications and Features

The phone is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core SoC. There is only one variant of phone available in India, which has 4GB RAM accompanied with 64 GB storage. The phone is equipped with Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac for wireless connectivity. It has got USB OTG for wired connectivity. Apart from that, we have multiple sensors like accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor. Going with the latest trend, even Oppo K1 doesn’t have an FM radio. Oppo K1 will have its trademark OS, that is ColorOS 5.2 which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo. The phone is eligible for ColorOS 6, which is due for release in mid of 2019. Oppo K1 has got Hyper Boost game optimizations, which supports some of the famous games such as Cross Fire, PUBG, Arena of Valor etc. This drastically reduces the loading time of the game and improves real-time performance. You also get the smart sidebar, which is a shortcut to the apps. Apart from that, there is ORoaming, which creates a virtual SIM card when you are on a foreign trip. The phone is also equipped with face recognition. The camera is quite good, as the phone comes with 16 MP rear camera and 25 MP (With f/2 aperture) front camera. As usual, Oppo has stressed on selfie cameras. It has got a 3600mAh battery, which is more than enough for daily usage.

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