Realme 3 Official: Price, Specifications and Release date

Finally, the successor of Realme 2 has arrived and is all set to be launched in India. Realme 3 is rumored to be launched on the 4th of March. Realme is already trying its best to create a mark in the Indian market. We have seen that past two Realme smartphones have been good, with optimum specifications. However, at any point in time, we can’t call it as dead impressive. Even though Realme phones are priced moderately, there are other brands who provide better phones with better specifications in the same price range. Hence, we need to see if this time Realme can impress with Realme 3 or not.

Realme 3

Realme3 is getting launched in the market as a successor of Realme 2. So, we can expect that it is going to be an enhanced version of Realme 2. Realme in series of tweets have confirmed that Realme 3 is going to be a perfect blend of power and style. In the last two weeks, we have seen multiple teasers of Realme 3 in social media. Even though it’s a budget phone it has been able to create enough curiosity in the smartphone market. While Realme has confirmed the launch of Realme 3 in the market, it has also confirmed some of the key specifications of the phone. It is already confirmed that the phone is going to have a dual camera setup. Also, the phone is going to have a diamond cut design. Diamond cut design is the real trademark of the Realme phones. It was seen on the first Realme phones, however, we were really disappointed when we didn’t see it on Realme 2. The good thing is diamond cut design is making a comeback with Realme 3. We would rather say, it has made a comeback owing to the huge demand of Realme fans. We have already come to know that Realme 3 will be priced moderately, to lure those customers who are looking for mid-range budget phones. It is expected that it will be priced between 10,000 to 15,000.

Realme 3

The Realme 3 will be powered by MediaTek Helio P70 SiC processor. This Media Tek processor is known to reduce power consumption by 40 percent while increasing the download speed by 30 percent. Hence, you can expect increased talk time, with more bandwidth for downloads. Also, we can expect better performance with this processor, as it is an octa-core processor. It has been confirmed that the phone will have Android v9.0, which is also known as Android Pie. The phone will have slots for two SIMS, as expected it is going to be a dual SIM phone. The SIM slots can accommodate one single Nano SIM. The phone is going to have 4GB internal memory. With octa-core processor and 4GB RAM, we can tell that the specifications are good for optimum performance. Also, with this kind of specification, we should not expect any lag on the phone. It is going to have Mali-G72 MP3 as GPU for the phone. Mali-G72 MP3 is known to perform better for graphics intensive applications. However, don’t expect that it will perform best for the high-end games, where graphic requirements are much higher.

Now let’s talk about the display of Realme 3. It is rumored that it will have an IPS LCD. IPS LCD is known for providing better resolution with natural colors. Many users prefer IPS LCD to AMOLED since the latter is also known for providing optimum resolution but with more saturated colors. But, we must say that in this price range AMOLED screen was definitely possible. It will have an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, which is good enough for playing games or watching movies. Now let’s talk about the best part about the appearance of the phone. It is going to have bezel-less display, with the notch. We know you simply can’t believe that at this price Realme is going to give you bezel-less display. But, we can tell you that this is true and it is not a rumour. This has been even confirmed by the leaked pictures of Realme 3. Down the line, we were definitely expecting this from Realme 3. Realme 3 is known for its elegant appearance and exquisite design. We have spotted this from the release of Realme. The display size of Realme 3 will be 6.3 inch. We can say that the display size is bigger than the average phones, but it will be good graphics-oriented applications. It is going to have both capacitive touch and multi-touch.

Realme 3

The phone will have internal storage of 64GB and can be expanded up to 256 GB. There is nothing special about the storage, and it is expected in the mid-range phones. However, with a price range of under 15K, definitely we can’t expect more than 64 GB, but in case if you are looking for more memory then definitely you can expand the memory. The battery is going to be Li-ion with 4000 mAh. Again, the batter is decent enough for long usage. With MediaTek processor and this battery capacity, Realme 3 is going to be one of the best in terms of battery life, in this segment. The phone will have all the popular connectivity options, with Wi-fi and Bluetooth. It will have Volte, along with 4G and 3G. It is going to have USB and GPS as well. Realme 3 can be also used as a mobile hotspot, both in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode. Now let’s talk about the camera. The selfie camera will be of 16 MP with LED flash. The rear camera will have a dual camera setup, with 16MP and 5MP. It is believed that phone will have fingerprint sensor at the rear, along with gyrometer and accelerometer.

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