Samsung Galaxy Notes 10: Launch Details, Features, and Specifications

Samsung has been one of the busiest players this year. It has been busy in both in premium as well as the budget segment. Samsung is back to news with their Notes 10. Now, this was least expected, as many were expecting that Notes series will be scraped, as Samsung got busy with the other series. However, this is not going to happen soon, and Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 is on its way for a competitive launch. Now whatever information we have collected is all rumors but some of them have unofficially confirmed by Samsung.  All we can say is, it is going to be another wow phone from the stable of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Globally, Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 is all set to be launched on August 7, which could be the date for the India launch as well. The main launch event will be organized in Brooklyn, New York. We can tell that it is going to be another gadget with loads of features, just as we saw in the case of Samsung Galaxy Notes 9 and Samsung Galaxy Notes 8. There is no doubt that Notes 10 is going to be the upgraded version of 8 & 9. However, as it happened with previous versions, one should be ready to pay a premium price for Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

From the specification which we learned about this phone, it could be the best Android phone of this year. It is going to be a stylus toting flagship from the house of Samsung. It has been heard that the phone will be available in 256 GB variant which will be priced between Rs.95,000 to 1,00,000. Probably, that is a lot of money, but again, Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 is not for everyone. It is for those users who want to experience the premium feel and features. Already, it has been touted as one of the most expensive flagships from Samsung.

In terms of design, there will be a central punch hole located on the front display for the phone, which will accommodate the selfie camera as well. Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 is not going to have any speakers. Yes, you heard it right. Rather, it is going to have a sound conducting screen, which means the screen will double up as a speaker. That is quite innovative, and these kinds of innovations are always expected from Samsung. The triple camera setup in the rear is neatly arranged. Overall, the design has got its own level of elegance and is able to generate a premium feel. The screen will be curved, that is what we can make out from the initial leaked images. It is going to have a metal frame. Another notable absentee is the audio port, which means it is going to have wireless earphones, something on the lines of EarPods.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 will be launched with 12 GB of RAM. It will be powered by Exynos 9820 chipset. However, we heard that phones in the US and Europe will be launched with Snapdragon 855, while in Asia it will be launched with Exynos 9820. Both the processors are very powerful and known for some top-notch performance. From the initial details, we are not sure about the type of GPU that goes with the phone, but it should be Adreno. However, at this price point, we expected a bit higher RAM. The screen size will be 6.3 inches with an overall supported resolution of 1440 X 3040. The screen is comparatively smaller in comparison the overall size of the body. But there are rumors which suggest that Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 might have another variant, with 6.75-inch screen size, almost like a tab. Only time will tell if this two-model theory is correct or not. It has been also heard that the larger screen model will be known as Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 Pro, and will be sold only in Europe. However, apart from the screen size the rest of the specifications will remain the same in the Pro version. With curved super AMOLED screen, it will be one of the best screens in 2019. At the same time, the phone will be water-resistant as well as dust resistant.

The initial reports suggest that the phone will be released in four colors, that is Pink, Silver, White, and Black. All of them will have a gradient finish, giving it a glossy look.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Let’s talk about the camera. Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 is going to have quad lens camera, that means it will have four lenses. The camera hardware will be the same one which we have seen in Note 9. It is apparent that one of the lenses will be used for Time of Flight (TOF), that is ultimately used for depth sensing. While the other two will be 12 MP lens, and one will be 16 MP ultrawide lens. The camera configuration looks rock solid and could be one of the distinguishing features for Samsung Galaxy Notes 10. It will have a 12 MP selfie camera. Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 will be launched with 4500mAh battery, with 25-watt fast charging. This is the first time when a Samsung device will have fast charging. It will be shipped with all the popular sensors, and it will support 5G as well. Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 will have Android Pie.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy Notes 10 looks good in terms of configuration. It has got premium features, and it will be one of the phones which will be 5G ready, that could be the biggest plus point.

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