Xiaomi Redmi Y3: Full Specifications, features and launch date in India

Initially, when the smartphones were launched, they used to focus more on the rear cameras. One can expect a premium smartphone with an excellent rear camera, that will have a mandatory flash with reasonable megapixel. However, times have changed. In this era of selfies, one often looks for a strong front or selfie camera, along with a top-quality rear camera. Gone are those days, when iPhone 5S will still click in the market with a below average selfie camera, but a good quality rear camera. Today, consumers are more progressive and are more adapted to the budding technologies. They want the selfie cameras to be as good as the rear cameras. Already, Oppo & Vivo have started shipping phones with premium selfie cameras, with some of the phones have as high as 48 MP selfie camera. However, one which was lagging behind in this area was Xiaomi. Xiaomi is known for its premium camera phones, especially the ones which are launched under the flagship brand of Mi. But, till date, none of the Xiaomi phones (includes both Redmi & Mi), had a very powerful selfie camera. However, this myth will be broken soon, as Xiaomi is poised to launch Redmi Y3, which has got 32 MP selfie camera. This phone will be launched in India on 24th April.

Redmi Y3

For quite some time, Xiaomi has been toying with the idea of launching a budget phone which will be capable of clicking good selfie pictures. From time to time, it was releasing teasers of Y series phones. Now we know, what those teasers meant. So, if you are one of those users who crave for a perfect high-resolution selfie, then this phone or you. Also, if you are a professional Instagrammer then this phone for you as well. Because of its powerful selfie camera, Xiaomi calls this phone as a super selfie phone.

Redmi Y3

We already know that for Y3, the strong selfie camera is going to be the selling point. However, let’s have a quick sneak peek on the other features as well. Since we simply can’t buy a phone only because it has got a strong selfie camera. We have to look into the other features, along with the pricing options, before taking a decision of whether to buy the phone or not. Let’s start with the display. The phone is going to have a large display, with a 6-inch screen. Redmi phones are known for this, they have always come out with larges screens. It is going to have 720 x 1520 pixels, which is quite decent, considering the fact that it is a budget phone. But, still, you can enjoy high definition movies, along with the graphics-intensive games. The display type is IPS LCD. It has got a pixel density of 280 ppi, which ensures that the image quality is going to be crisp and clear. Often, we doubt the clarity of the visuals on large screen phones. However, with these specifications, we can say Y3 guarantees good visual quality, even though it might not be a completely immersive experience, as it happens in case of the premium phones. It will have a capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch. Now let’s come to the biggest disclosure for the display, this phone is going to have a bezel-less display with a waterdrop notch. For a budget phone, this is quite a big feature, and we are surprised that Xiaomi has managed to include this feature.

From the performance perspective, Y3 looks quite promising. It will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with Octa-core processor. It is going to run on 64-bit architecture. Y3 will have 3GB RAM, which is quite good in terms of performance. It will have Adreno 512 as the GPU. From these specifications, we can always say that Y3 can survive resource-hungry games and application. It will also give a good performance in a multitasking environment, as it will have 64-bit architecture and octa-core processors. However, there is no dedicated memory for graphics which can be a bit disappointing, as one cannot play those games which simply crank the GPU of the mobile. But, considering this is a budget phone, we can say the specifications are quite awesome. The phone comes with a 32 GB storage, and it can be expanded up to 256 GB by utilizing the memory card slot. The phone will be shipped with a 3300 mAh battery, which is quite standard for a modern-day budget phone. It has hosts of sensors included, which includes Light sensor, Proximity sensor, and Accelerometer. And, yes definitely has a fingerprint sensor, located at the rear portion. It’s a dual SIM phone and will be shipped with the latest version of Android that is Android Pie. Both, the sim slots can accommodate one single Nano Sim. It is going to have GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G, in terms of connectivity.

Redmi Y3

Now let’s talk about the camera a bit. The selfie camera will be equipped with Samsung’s 32-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GD1 image sensor, which will ensure crisp as well as quality selfie images. Moreover, this sensor is also known for splendid low light photography. While the rear camera will have a dual camera setup, that is 12MP + 5MP. With Exposure compensation and ISO control, you can just take your photography to the next level. Both the rear as well as the front camera is equipped with LED Flash. Autofocus along with the face detection is there, but unfortunately, none of the cameras is equipped with image stabilization technologies. Also, there is no 4K video recording available on Y3. The best one can do is HDR (High Definition Recording). Overall, we can say that Xiaomi has managed to provide a powerful selfie camera with this phone, but the same cannot be said about the rear camera. If you are obsessed with selfies, then you can definitely go with this but if you are looking for a premium camera phone, then this is not for you.

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