YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launched in India

With the internet speeds are getting stabilized in India, users have developed a craze towards web media platforms. So, if you want to listen to music or want to watch a movie, you can simply launch the app on the mobile, and start the streaming. Yes, it has become that simple. Today, smartphones are equipped with 4G speed, which allows HD streaming without any lag or buffering. Moreover, users are getting premium content on web streaming platforms, and they can watch or listen to the content as per their preferences. That is why we see users are mad about a host of media streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Eros Now and many more. Now YouTube is also going to launch their premium streaming services in India. That is the biggest new. Once Netflix stepped in India, it was also expected that other international platforms like YouTube and Twitch will follow the suit.

YouTube Premium

YouTube has recently announced that they are going to launch YouTube Music in India. YouTube music provides streaming music services in different countries. We already have platforms like Gaana, Jio Saavan, Prime Music and iTunes. Recently, Spotify also started its music streaming services in India. Spotify is available in many different countries and has been one of the popular platforms for streaming music. YouTube music will be launched in two versions, YouTube Music Free and YouTube music Premium. YouTube Music free, as the name implies will be free. There won’t be any subscription charges but it will be an ad-supported version. So, that means the subscriber of the free version has to listen to the Ads that will mandatorily play. This is a little compromise which you have to make if you are subscribing for the free version. But, if you opt for the premium version, you get a host of features. This includes ad-free listening experience, unlimited offline downloads, background listening, and many more. You can get the premium version by paying Rs. 99 per month.

YouTube Music

Similarly, YouTube is also launching its premium video streaming services, YouTube premium in India. Sometimes, watching video on YouTube could be a painful experience, and you know why. There will be an ad before rollout of the video, there will be an ad in the middle of the video as well. It could be absolutely annoying and might drive you crazy. However, we can’t complain about this. We know that YouTube provides free streaming services, and they need commercial support through the Ads. So, how if you don’t want these Ads, what you are going to do? It’s simple. You subscribe to YouTube Premium. Once you subscribe to the YouTube Premium platform, you get ad-free contents. That is the best part.Just like you get it today on Netflix and Amazon Prime. To be honest, why do we even need to subscribe to premium services, if we are still watching the Ads.That’s not all you also get the extended offline play with the Premium version. This means you don’t need to be online to watch the same content again and again. Just imagine, you are playing your favorite video again and again, at a remote location where even the network is not available. The premium version will also have background listening. However, to be honest, probably you expected these features with the premium version. So, let us tell what you didn’t expect. With the premium subscription, you will get access to the YouTube originals. Now, that is a bit surprising. But it is true. Finally, we are going to watch YouTube originals in India. So, contents like Cobra Kai and Burn the Stage, along with the other YouTube originals will be streamed directly to your smartphone if you have a YouTube premium subscription. The subscription fees are Rs.129 per month. However, YouTube Music Premium will be bundled along with the YouTube premium. That means you get both, premium audio and premium video in one single subscription.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google has been trying to build its market in India, through streaming services. Previously, we have seen Google Play Music. In fact, it is still available. However, it has never made to the mainstream music streaming services, like Gaana or iTunes. The good thing is, the subscribers of Google Play Music, will have direct access to YouTube Music. So, if you are a subscriber of Google Play Music then you don’t need to pay anything extra for the subscription of YouTube Music. YouTube is completely licensed for streaming media, that means you get a larger collection of music and videos on the YouTube premium platform. Most of the online streaming platforms have limited licenses, that is why their collection is limited.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S10 owner or you are planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S10, then we have good news for you. YouTube Premium, as well as YouTube Music Premium, is going to be absolutely free for the first four months. However, we were expecting like Spotify, YouTube premium will be also integrated with Bixby. But, that is definitely not happening. If you want to experience YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium at the best, then you need to have the best quality smartphones available for this. These smartphones can create a truly cinematic experience, even with a smaller screen. You need to look for smartphones, which stands out in terms of audio. Google Pixel and iPhones could be described as an undisputed leader in this area. When it comes to audio quality, there is nothing which can beat iPhones. However, if you are looking for something on the Android platform, then you can definitely look for LG V40 ThinQ as well as Huawei P20, apart from Pixel. You need to have a phone with the best audio quality if you really want to enjoy premium music streaming services. Always, look for best price comparison portal to get the best deals on premium smartphones. Check the prices of latest mobile phones online, and get mobile at the best deal

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